Start Your Squad



  1. a small group of people having a particular task.

“an assassination squad”

synonyms: teamcrewgangbandcellbodymoboutfitforce

“an assassination squad”

  • a small number of soldiers assembled for drill or assigned to some special task, especially an infantry unit forming part of a platoon.
synonyms: detachmentdetailunitplatoonbatterytrooppatrolsquadroncadre,commandotiger team

“an elite reconnaissance squad”

  • a group of sports players or competitors from which a team is chosen.


In 2015, We are Soldiers introduced a new way for veterans to continue serving at home – the service squad. A service squad is a team of veteran and non-veteran volunteers that mobilizes together to solve a specific challenge in their community.

In Kansas City a service squad works to reduce hunger amongst inner-city families. In Phoenix, another squad works to eradicate veteran hunger and homelessness. And in El Mirage, members of the local squad are mentoring at-risk youth.

United by the common bond of service, squads offer veterans the opportunity to make an impact in their community, and connect with others through regular social and networking events. It’s an opportunity to serve alongside a motivated team and tackle a tough and meaningful mission. It’s an opportunity to make a difference.




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